Be apart of our team! 

All volunteers are required to complete a tour, fill out required paperwork, complete a back ground check if 19 years or older, and complete orientation. 

Please feel free to ask email your questions to volunteer@hopehorsesinc.com or call 256.841.6290.


Therapeutic Horsemanship Program 

Come volunteer during our weekly therapeutic horsemanship program. All volunteers must be 14 years or older. If younger that 14, volunteers must be accompanied by an adult. Orientation is required and if 19 years or older a background check must be completed.  


Groups and Organizations 

Groups and organizations are welcome at Hope Horses, Inc. There are many projects that need to be completed but are too large for less than 5 volunteers.  


Special Events 

There are many events throughout the year that volunteers are needed at. If you would like to volunteer at fundraisers and special events, please contact volunteer@hopehorsesinc.  



If you are a High School junior, senior, or college student looking for a internship, Hope Horses, Inc. would love to have you. If you would like to learn more information on internships at Hope Horses, Inc., please call (256)841-6290 or email krice@hopehorsesinc.com